Paranormal launch activity

We were asked to come up with an interesting way to launch a new variety of Magners cider: Dark Fruit.

The launch coincided with Halloween and so we planned a spooky paranormal experience at The Drovers Inn, one of the UK’s most haunted pubs.

The prank ‘paranormal experiment’, left the guests clutching their pints in horror at a series of rigged tricks including a creepy recording from the pub’s ghostly ‘regular’ Anna.

The plethora of technical trickery, all conceived and produced in-house at Bright Signals, included:

  • A live time EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) conversation with the ghost, achieved through a hacked analogue cassette recorder, Raspberry Pi technology and real time audio editing.
  • Fake power surges through a bespoke wired chandelier.
  • Hacked car locking mechanisms to move objects within the room.
  • A self ringing spirit bell powered by remotely controlled electromagnets.
  • Hacked video cameras and infrared lighting to enable night vision.

The results of the elaborate pranks and the appearance of ‘Anna’ were hilariously haunting – Gaining over 100,000 views on its first day.