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In a few short years, Bright Signals has become one of the fastest growing creative agencies in Scotland, while winning The Marketing Society Star Awards digital category more times than any other.

We began with a focus on social media. We’ve grown every year since then, steadily expanding our offering. Our recent work spans everything from TV ads to a news broadcaster website to a world-first in-browser AR app.

We take on our clients’ biggest challenges and question conventional thinking to find brighter solutions, that move the needle. Check out more of our work here.

When it comes down to it, Bright Signals is a talent agency. Nothing more, nothing less. A place where people can be themselves, express themselves and excel themselves. Where we want you to experience the proudest moments of your career.

Our goal is to build the best creative team in Scotland. Not the biggest, but the best. To achieve that we recruit for raw talent, attitude and aptitude. Around half of Bright Signallers had never previously worked in an agency. Which might sound bonkers, but their backgrounds as musicians, nurses, stand-up comics, artists and engineers give us more creative dots to join, which breeds more original ideas.

We’re fiercely proud of our culture. Everyone here contributes to the creative process. there are no silos, no egos. And we have always, always, got each other’s back.

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