Our challenge was to help Edinburgh Gin stand out and stand above a sea of hundreds of craft gins, and cheap flavoured imitators.

Edinburgh Gin only ever use natural flavours. And it struck us that conversely, our discerning target consumers live much of their lives though a synthetic phone screen.

What if we all paused. For just a moment, and appreciated the wonder of the world around us.

We took that idea and amped it, creating a captivating TV spot that carries the viewer on a non-stop journey through the world of Edinburgh Gin. From a field of flowers that seamlessly transforms into the dress of a Northern Soul dancer, to a statuesque rhubarb forest that leads to a magical glimpse of our home city. Then on to the fiery heat of a ginger ‘meteor’, and into a swirling serve of Edinburgh Gin on ice. Phew!

We are hugely indebted to the guys at Glassworks VFX, who took these crazy thoughts and realised them in incredible photo-real CG.

For the OOH, we pieced together hundreds of photos to highlight the wonder that natural light casts, as it passes through beautifully embossed bottles of Edinburgh Gin.

Overall, it’s the most complex project we’ve undertaken to date and one of the most ambitious campaigns ever by a Scottish brand.

We hope you enjoy it.