On Christmas Eve 2014, Tennent’s Lager approached us to say: “What would you do if we asked you to make us a TV ad?”.

Tennent's welcomes you to Wellpark

In response, we asked ourselves: “What if we applied our ‘agile’ approach to advertising?” So rather than create a single, shiny TV ad, we conceived a digitally led campaign consisting of 35 pieces of bite-sized animated content.

We made executions designed not for a channel, but for single programmes and movies. We developed concepts, not set apart from the campaign in a ‘planning’ phase, but while the campaign was in flight, in response to real-time results and real-world events.

Dogs on the footpath
Glass of Tennent's

We wanted the campaign to be seen as a content series rather than ads (like a sitcom that happens during the ad break) so we set out to entertain first and foremost, with the product would only appearing where it ‘made sense’, rather than in a contrived way. Our goal was capture viewers’ attention and imagination by being relevant, unexpected, and original.

Wellpark was a resounding success.

  • The campaign won the Advertising category at the 2016 Marketing Society Star Awards, as well as a bunch of other awards.

  • More than 17,000 press stories appeared about it (everywhere from The New Yorker, to Radio 1, to The Today Show) generating a global OTS in excess of 1 billion.

  • Most importantly, Wellpark drove estimated sales of more than 2.1 million additional pints.

Watch the video here