Vanishing Point is Innis & Gunn’s series of boundary-pushing Imperial Stout releases. Each release represents the apex of the brand. It’s the point at which the skill, ambition and commitment of their brewers converge. The result is a beer that goes further than ever before. To celebrate the launch of Vanishing Point 05, our task was to create a suite of visually stunning, short-form video content that would be just as distinctive, innovative, and impactful as the beer itself.

Innis & Gunn
DesignWeb app development

Inspired by the kaleidoscope (another great Scottish invention) and the Vanishing Point logo, we used the bottle itself to create mirrored reflections appearing and disappearing into their own vanishing points. We also ensured that the copy in the videos was suitably prominent, while also complementing and interacting with the visual approach. Elegant, tasteful pieces of creative, designed to match an elegant and tasteful beer.

Rich, dark and pioneering
Limited cask-matured imperial stout
Multiple glasses
The vanishing point
Multiple bottles