One of our biggest and proudest projects. The brief from Tennent's was to innovate around the beautiful game in Scotland. It struck us that an opportunity lay at grass roots – and 5-a-side football – a territory that no other brand was owning.

Football player

Our T5s system combined bespoke hardware and software, all developed in house. Two cameras on each pitch recorded 24/7. When a player did something good (or more often, something bad) they hit a big pitch-side button and the last 20 seconds of video are automatically and instantly uploaded to the T5s website. So game highlights (and lowlights) became available to view as soon as the teams stepped off the pitch.

T5s logo
Scored a belter?

As well as a deep and immersive experience for the actual folk playing, the platform also generated unprecedented levels of content and engagement for the brand. T5s videos were viewed more than 100 million times and featured on James Corden’s Late Late Show, Mashable, ESPN, Buzzfeed, LADbible, to name a few… as well as in hundreds of other media outlets.

Watch the video here