Sparkling Fruit Cans

To support the launch of Highland Spring's Flavoured Sparkling Spring Water Cans, we were tasked with creating an ownable and consistent visual identity which could be expressed through a suite of short videos. The videos were designed to be used on social channels such as Facebook and Instagram so had to be dynamic in look and feel, to ensure their thumb-stopping quality. At the same time, they also had to convey the premium nature of the product and the natural origins of both the flavours and the spring water itself.

Highland Spring

We used the colours and tones of the natural flavours found within the cans to create a rich and vibrant palette designed to catch the eye. Then we utilised stop motion animation to bring each explosive combination of natural flavours to life. Finally, the addition of a bubble animation overlay gave the videos a truly distinctive feel and created an own-able style for the brand. Videos were optimised for use across all social platforms and placements, allowing them to play a key role in the launch of this refreshingly fruity range.

Feel a surge
Highland Spring Rhubarb & Ginger
Highland Spring Blackberry plum & hibiscus

Video stills

Pear & Elderflower still 1
Pear & Elderflower still 2
Pear & Elderflower still 3
Pear & Elderflower still 4
Pear & Elderflower still 5
Pear & Elderflower still 6