Passport To Jura

VR and AR experiences are an emerging opportunity in drinks sector marketing, but these experiences typically require a dedicated mobile app or bespoke hardware, which creates a huge barrier to mass adoption – especially at point of sale.

Jura Whisky
Jura Island

When Jura Whisky approached us to create an experience for travel retail at some of the world's highest footfall airports, we were keen to create something with as little friction as possible. Our solution was an AR experience that runs on the user's own smartphone, directly on the web without the need for any dedicated apps or hardware.

Our Passport to Jura experience is accessed by scanning a bespoke, island shaped QR code which is printed on each bottle. This QR code leads users to a landing page, telling them how far they are from Jura. Clicking the button transports them into a 3D world, where they fly through a virtual bottle and onto the island.

Jura App opening screen
Jura App map screen

A unique, split-screen interface then blends epic, real-life footage with a bespoke 3D model of the island. Using the latest WebGL technology, the interactive, animated 3D map can be moved and explored while the corresponding video is playing – something that we believe is a world's first.

In a Travel Retail environment, consumers can have anything from a few minutes to over an hour spare before their flight. We've therefore created an experience that can be skipped through quickly or can be enjoyed in full at a more leisurely pace.

Jura App distance screen
Jura App map screen

Following incredibly positive consumer and trade feedback in Hong Kong, this experience was then rolled out across other global markets – consumers across Asia, USA and Europe are now all 'traveling' to this tiny island community.Content (please view on mobile):