Pickles With Personality

Our latest campaign for Baxter's brought to life the zingy, tangy, crunch and charisma of the brand’s top notch pickles range.


Baxter's want to be the #1 overall pickle brand in the UK.

This covers classics like Beetroot, Pickled Onions and Gherkins but Kraut and Kimchi are growing categories within the market too. The brand need to see success from stores with these listings across the UK to continue to grow distribution.

They pick and pickle veg earlier in the season to retain the ultimate crunch, and almost all their pickles are 100% natural – something really ownable in the category.

The challenge the brand faces is one many name-brands encounter, no matter how popular they become - how do we get customers to upgrade to Baxters when there’s already own-label pickles to choose from…

Our research phase led us to the main consumer problem we had to address with our campaign…

Due to the rising cost of living, consumers need to spend less money and cut things out of the budget. Often they are going to switch to own-label food products and stop eating out as much.

Processing all of this into our campaign, we developed the key message that we wanted to

convey at the heart of the campaign…

Baxters pickles helps you recreate quality meals at home.

The Baxters Pickle range is the antithesis to beige food.

Every product adds something different; zingy, tangy flavours taste amazing, vibrant, colourful recipes look amazing not to mention the excellent health benefits.

Which means Baxters pickles are…The pickles with personality.

Our video creative brought this positioning to life by contrasting the pickles with the ‘ordinariness’ of the other foods. Fast, irreverent, dialogue-based scripts, dynamic editing and great voice over talent brings the characteristics of the pickles to the fore. They’re full of fun. So much more energetic and exciting than anything else on the plate.

For our media strategy we focused on growing awareness & increasing penetration through targeting pickle loving aspirational cooks and showing them why we’re worth paying more for. We also pushed for bottom of the funnel conversation too.

Utilising Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and TikTok, we strategically leveraged both platforms’ reach and targeting capabilities for maximum cut through.

Meta, with its sophisticated optimization technology, ensured cost-effective acquisition and strong brand awareness.

TikTok, boasting a rapidly growing UK audience of over 5 million, offered powerful targeting features and impactful video-based ads to enhance brand salience.

And the results speak for themselves: Baxter's was the fastest growing major brand in the pickle category in 2023 and the campaign has been shortlisted in the Digital Communication category at the Marketing Star Awards in 2024 further cementing the success of the project.