Agency Employer Brand of the Year

David Craik
Agency Employer Brand of the Year

We are super-chuffed to have been named Marketing Society Agency Employer Brand of the Year!

We've always believed that when it comes down to it, Bright Signals is a talent agency. Nothing more, nothing less. A place where people can be themselves, express themselves and excel themselves. Where we want our team to experience the proudest moments of their career.

So we're thrilled that our efforts in this regard have been recognised by the Marketing Society. They were kind enough to describe us as:

“An agency that has developed a strong sense of who they are and what they are about, committed to creating a strong culture and who think out of the box when hiring.”

Of course, what means most to us though are the feelings of our Bright Signallers themselves. So we'll give the final word to our Creative Director, Guy Vickerstaff:

“I was so, so proud to collect this award for everyone at Bright Signals. Best Employer Agency brand of the year. In short - the best agency to work for in Scotland. What an amazing confirmation of what many of us already knew.”