Everyone’s journey is different

With Scottish Autism announced as the Rangers Charity Foundation charity partner for the 17/18 season, we worked to build a campaign called ‘The Journey’ that would highlight the challenges of a busy stadium for an autistic person. Launching during National Autism Awareness Month in April, this campaign focused on the challenges of preparing for and attending an event for an autistic person, whether it be a football match or a busy concert. To understand these challenges, it was vital for us to speak to different families in order to draw upon their experiences, helping us shape the story of our main film to be as authentic and true to life as possible. 

We loosely based the script on Lewis McConnell, a passionate football fan who had a strong connection with the story. The McConnell’s played a key role throughout the development of our film to ensure we truly highlighted the challenges an autistic person might face. 

At a packed Ibrox Stadium, our final film was played at half-time were it received an unheard of round of applause from the fans. It has received a fantastically positive response across the press and social media, with the film receiving over 9,000 interactions and over 120,000 views on Facebook alone. 

We know that everyone’s journey is different, so we hope this starts a conversation for others to share their journey. 

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