The challenge was to target both active jobseekers and people open to a new opportunity. The campaign had to have the flexibility to be tailored to specific sectors and to resonate UK-wide, while still showcasing s1’s signature Scottish humour.


In any job, we spend a lot of time at work and with our colleagues. That means its key that a job not only fulfils our financial needs, but also our personal and social ones. People regularly form strong relationships and friendships with their workmates that often continue beyond the job itself.


We wanted to show a fun, relatable side to work that can often be overlooked when considering a career. Focusing initially on sales and construction, we worked with s1jobs to identify the traits associated with people who work in these sectors. From there we developed our creative to tap into those traits so our audience would recognise elements of themselves in the characters portrayed.

Our approach for the sales sector was to highlight the resourceful, quick-thinking nature of sales staff when dealing with customers or calls, whilst for construction we wanted to draw attention to the banter-rich relationship between gaffer and apprentice and the associated pranks that can ensue as a result.