After achieving multiple viral video across 2015 and 2016 we began to be approached by brands asking us to create TV ad campaigns. We decided to stick with our in-house production model, with scriptwriters, camera operators, animators and editors all operating under one roof. So more on the client’s budget ends up on screen.

In 2017 we were approached by s1jobs. The brief was to develop a strategic brand platform that could potentially last for years. And to return the brand to the cheeky, edgy humour the brand’s early years, when ran much-loved ads like ‘Lavvy Heid’ and ‘Ice Cream Van’.

‘s1jobs give you the horn’ was born, along with a TV commercial that was, indeed, edgy.

We developed the campaign from strategy through to script, storyboard, production, special effects and edit in just over a month.

The campaign became one of the most successful in the brand’s history, resulting in the second highest traffic day ever recorded by the site.