The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is already the world’s biggest arts festival – but how could we encourage visitors to it to see even more shows than they were planning to?


Fringe-goers already have a bucket-list in mind of favourite performers and unmissable big names. What can often make your entire Fringe experience though, is to see something completely different and unexpected. That means taking a chance.


We worked closely with the Fringe team to ensure that all of our creative for 2019 was about driving people to trying something new. We created the hashtag #MakeYourFringe and ‘The Inspiration Machine’ – hit a button and you’ll be presented with booking and show information for a completely random production from the programme.

For the cover of the programme we partnered with Paris-based artist Bruno Mangyoku to bring the machine theme to life with all of the eye-catching creative flair that we’ve come to expect from the Fringe.