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SWG3 Be Sound

Making knowledgeable and informed drug choices in clubs can be a difficult subject to talk about. Speaking authentically to club-goers while also being serious and non-judgemental can be a tough tightrope to walk. For the SWG3 Be Sound campaign, we landed on a creative world influenced by club culture aesthetics. Our “Be Sound - to yourself, to everyone” tagline promotes a broad, universal truth about responsible clubbing that can also sit above more specific messages around harm reduction.

Design Production
It's ur life

We created high impact, typography led assets with contrasting colours to really deliver on the Be Sound campaign's unpretentious, informative message.

U feeling it?
Everyone want to have the best night - and there are some ways you can help that happen.
It's ur life, u on it?, u feeling it?, bit 2 much?, please just say

In addition to social campaign assets, the campaign was presented on screens in-venue to ensure high visibility with club goers.

Find out more on the Be Sound site.