Find out what inspires our team.

Every creative agency claims to be unique… and we’re no different. Wait, no, that would make us… not unique?

OK, that can’t be right, so let’s rephrase this. Every creative agency claims to be unique, but we don’t, so we’re…?

Right, forget unique and forget what other creative agencies claim to be. The thing about Bright Signals is that we realise our agency is an accumulation of the talent within it, all sparking off each other and bringing different skills and experiences to the table. That’s what we believe makes us special. On that note, we thought it might be interesting to ask around the office and get a stronger sense of what really makes our team tick.

Perhaps by the end of this blog you’ll feel a little bit inspired too and you’ll want to give us a shout to find out how we can help your brand. We don’t need to go into all that now though. We’ll remind you with a call-to-action and contact details at the end of the blog. We’re not dafties.

So, without further ado, let’s get into what inspires us:

Grant Gibson (Deputy MD)

Back in 2006 I was starting to explore the intersection of physical and digital experiences — specifically, hooking up hardware to bring digital experiences into the real world. A huge inspiration at that time was Grant Skinner, a Canadian developer who was doing the same stuff I was doing as a hobby, but getting paid by the likes of Nissan and Google to do it. The video on this page, despite being low res and basic by today’s standards, was the thing that proved to me, ‘clients will pay for this experimental madness’. Within a couple of years I’d built up the courage and contacts to take on similar projects for SSE and Sony Pictures.”


Pauline Reid (Business Affairs)

“I love @WorldAndScience on Twitter. I’m not a big Twitter user (generally I just use it to keep up to date with what’s going on with my kids’ school) but I stumbled across this page and could literally spend hours reading the posts and articles.

I find it utterly inspiring and fascinating. There are always posts about human psychology (‘Feel the fear and do it anyway: why being scared can be good for you’), then you find incredible images of celestial fireworks and articles about the boiling point of water in La Paz (the highest capital in the world) versus Baku (the lowest).

I’ve always loved reading about planets, space yadda, yadda and all this is covered off in great details too with amazing visuals. It also tests & recommends cool science-y products like beer chilling sticks and submersive speakers. It is a constant, constant reminder that I am tiny and I KNOW NOTHING!!!

Aside from this a rather obvious one is J.K Rowling. I love her Twitter posts.  She’s brave, witty, passionate and always has the back of the wee guy. Makes me want to be a better person ;0)


Douglas Wilson (Content Manager)

“When it comes to something that inspires me, I can’t get away from thinking about the recent Paddy Power World Cup Polar Bear stunt…”.

“I can’t get over how well planned and thought through the stunt was a whole – controversy with a reveal of some sort of ‘gotcha’, a tech angle, AND a CSR charitable cause – and I think the reveal vid is so simple.

Knockout for me.”


Emma Pais (Production Manager)


In terms of books I have been deep in dystopia of late so I wouldn’t say they have inspired my work. Unless you consider the fact building a bunker in the Highlands has been a daydream I visit rather more frequently these days…

In terms of adverts I loved the ‘This Girl Can’ ads for kicking down stereotypes and encouraging girls  to take up sports. In a world where women are valued more for their aesthetics rather than their strength it was empowering to see woman red faced, strong and powerful. I would prefer that my daughter and her peers (male and female) grew up in a world where these images were more prevalent than a Kardashian arse (or a love island thonged one!). I would love to be making content that inspires our youth to be proactive in improving their inner rather than outer selves.”

Emma’s not alone in hoping that women’s merits can be measured by different metrics than those sometimes used to assess Kim Kardashian’s. As a result, Jameela Jamil’s Instagram has also become a source of inspiration.

“Based on seeing a picture of the Kardashians she assumed the figure next to them was their net value of worth when in fact it was their weight…their worth was literally being depicted in kg. So she started this inspirational hashtag account called ‘I weigh’ asking women to value themselves in terms that go beyond their looks/weight. It does start to fall into that self-help hole a little, but I think she is starting a worthwhile conversation that is inspirational… and she herself is funny and being rather vocal in calling out abuse of power in the industry so she retains my interest!”

#iweigh #fuckingkg

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Victoria McFadyen (Content Manager)

“Not quite a blog, but there’s an instagram account called Our Whisky that aims to showcase diversity in the world of whisky.

Last week we were fortunate to attend @womenofthevineandspirits annual symposium in London, where Stephanie MacLeod, Master Blender at John Dewar and Sons, spoke on a panel about the importance of mentorship in the industry. Stephanie has been in the Whisky industry since 1998, and a blender since 2003. She’s won a plethora of awards and accolades we can only dream of, and is a strong, inspiring role model to us all. Cheers to her 🥃🥃🥃 • • • #ourwhisky #whisky #whiskey #modernfaceofwhisky #dewars

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“There’s an instagram account called Our Whisky that aims to showcase diversity in the world of whisky.

For me it’s interesting to see a variety of different people’s opinions on the industry and see real passion beyond your traditional whisky drinker. The women that run the account are probably much more articulate on it than me though so this article might help!”

Teddy Craig (Content Manager)

There are two people in the marketing and advertising world who inspire me. And yes, despite writing this blog, I am now about to put my own words into quotes, if only because I’ve now bewildered myself as to how to continue the style of this blog otherwise:

With a background in stand-up comedy (though I can’t hold a candle to our Strategy Director, Scott Rinning, who “used to be in a band”), the main thing that I’ve brought with me into this world is a focus on what the end punter will think. Because when I did stand-up, if that wasn’t uppermost in my mind then it was going to be an extremely difficult evening!

This means the views I value most recognise the reality of how people actually think and what they really respond to. On that front, I’m always inspired by the thinking of legendary copywriter Dave Trott and the Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy Mather in the UK, Rory Sutherland. Both of them are reassuringly bullsh*t-free. Rory Sutherland is also a leading figure when it comes to promoting the benefits of using behavioural economics insights in advertising and you can find out more about the online course I took in that subject from this previous blog.

When it comes to creativity in marketing and advertising, I reckon everybody working in the field should have to watch Dave Trott’s Predatory Thinking masterclass as a matter of course. And not just because he manages to reference Gestalt psychological theory while still remaining completely down-to-earth!”

“As far as Rory Sutherland goes, his Ted Talks are brilliantly funny and insightful, but I enjoyed this more recent interview with him too. I think he’s spot on about the danger of aiming for job titles rather than focusing on accumulating knowledge, skills and experiences and finding useful ways to blend them. Then again, with my CV, I would say that. “

Now the sales bit.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to waste about half an hour flicking through different accounts and videos while still being able to log it as ‘research’ on your company’s time management system. You’re welcome.

We did flag earlier in the blog that we’d be slipping in a CTA (we’ve got the acronyms out now) at the end, so here it comes.

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