In the uncertain world of 2017 it feels like people have given up on creative pet names, instead settling for tried and tested human names, such as Fred. Or Roger.

Our pets deserve better.

Grant at Bright Signals has created the perfect solution, a cat naming generator that takes the hassle out of giving your pussy the perfect name.

The inspiration comes from British comedy legend Bob Mortimer, who for £8 per year will name your cat. Bob creates an eclectic selection of cat names from the sublime (Kitchen Shitstorm) to the ridiculous (P.O Box 6).

Although Bob’s names are incredible, his naming time is limited and it can end up costing you a few quid, depending on how many lives your cat may have. Grant’s name service offers instant, free and amazing cat names.

How does it work?

The system uses Machine Intelligence that has been trained to generate Bob-like cat names, using all 126 cat names that Bob has already published, plus selected works of William Shakespeare and Roger’s Profanisaurus to give it some vocabularic diversity.

Once trained, the system generated nearly 200 unique cat names. These names were then post-processed to improve spelling and semantic meaning.

The result is a set of open source cat names that hopefully channel the spirit of Bob’s original project. Got a new cat or an old one with a shit name? Use the naming generator below!

Let us know if you name your cat using the service, we would love to meet Bumhole Bust, Squiggly McKee, Kandy Hoe Kettle or even Shimmer Tits.