Bright Signals: Our Dream Clients

We have a diverse and rewarding group of clients at Bright Signals and they certainly keep our creative juices flowing. However, we know that deep down everyone has that one dream client they’d like to work with. We decided to take the risk of asking the team who theirs would be and, amazingly, they came up with a list of names that we actually would be up for working with!

Doug: Vans Off The Wall

Why: “Skate culture, fashion, sunshine and snow settings… it’s every boy’s dream.”

What we could offer: Account management and creative nous from our resident permanently be-capped (is that a word?) skate culture expert. On a more serious note, our work with drinks brands such as Heverlee has meant understanding and capitalising on the crossover between art, music, fashion and food. See below:

David: Cancer Research UK

Why: “I often look at the amazing talent around me in Bright Signals and think to myself, ‘man, imagine the difference we could make if we worked on THAT’. So I’m hoping we can undertake more cause related work going forward. Like Cancer Research UK, who are tackling one of the biggest challenges there is.”

What we could offer: As a company, we have a track record of knowing how to connect with an audience by using recognisable situations that strike a chord. Our work with Scottish Autism has helped us develop this ability further, while growing our experience of the particular needs and nuances of the charity sector. In that respect, we’re particularly proud of this video, The Journey, and of the impact it has made.

Andrew: Gibson Guitars

Why: “Because they are a fabric brand in music… but as a company have lost their way considerably over the past 15 years, so they’d be ripe for a bit of reinvention!”

What we could offer: Music has been a key part of the Bright Signals story, with various members of our team having been active in the worlds of both electronic dance music and indie rock. A lot of offices can probably tell that story though. But how many of them can also wheel out a director of strategy whose band appeared on Jimmy Kimmel? We’d talk more about that here… but, to be honest, he’ll tell you himself when he sees you.

In more practical terms, we’ve supported Tennent’s work on music events such as T in the Park and T Break, as well as Magners Cider’s involvement with music festivals across the UK.

We also have a pretty nifty guitar of our own on the office wall…

Tom: Honda Motorcycles

Why: “Because I reckon I’d get to be the office test rider by default.”

What we could offer: Working with Europe’s largest independent Ford dealership, Peoples Ford, has sharpened our skills when it comes to showcasing vehicles. We know how to make them look Instagram-beautiful, but we can also cut through the crowd (or the traffic jam) using humour:

Andy: Nike

Why: “Free trainers.”

What we could offer: If Nike are reading this, then please note that we do also have less tongue-in-cheek examples of our work… but here’s a piece we produced for Tennent’s which involves using a ‘specialist’ to help you choose your trainers.

Adeline: IKEA

Why: “I love their irreverent style and attitude. Their responses to Kanye and Balenciaga were great and show a great bravery and willingness to push boundaries as a client.”

What we could offer: We do know a little bit about interior design at Bright Signals. For Halloween 2017 we ensured a room at the reputedly haunted Drovers Inn on the banks of Loch Lomond had the right ‘atmosphere’ for a seance held by Magners Dark Fruit. If the team at IKEA are reading, we’d also be happy to work with non-exploding light fittings…

Keir: A soil brand…

Why: “I’d love the challenge of working for a premium soil brand. Compost, manure, and even bark and mulch too – I reckon that the entire garden soil sector is ripe for disruption.”

What we could offer: Given our close relationship with Bowmore, we’re already totally onboard with the notion of working with a premium brand with a peat content worth boasting about. And the links don’t stop there.

Composting is the ultimate circle of life, isn’t it? Living things break down into compost, and then the nutrients from that compost are sucked back up by other living things to help them grow. Then those things die… and turn into compost. And it’s that circular and non-wasteful approach to life (and business) that we helped Circular Glasgow to promote in this video:

Jack: Rockstar Games

Why: “Simply to mix things up a bit and having a gaming client on board would be pretty darn amazing!”

What we could offer: We love Rockstar. The Grand Theft Auto series? Amazing. However – and not that we want to boast – we do have some experience of making our own games too. So maybe you guys want to collaborate? Guys? Guys…?

Find our game here.

Grant: Microsoft

Why: “The battle between Microsoft and Apple, PC and Mac, saw most creative industries side with Apple while Microsoft became known as the boring business brand. While that may have been true for a while, Microsoft is a pretty cool company these days. Their commitment to Open Source Software is huge, and their own-brand Surface laptops are a rival for anything coming out of Cupertino. But, despite that reality, they still have an image problem. It would be a lot of fun to help shift that perception.”

What we could offer: Microsoft has come to be seen as ‘traditional’ in a negative sense, rather than in a way that conveys what is should: quality, gravitas and trustworthiness. Traditional doesn’t have to mean boring.

Our work with iconic whisky brand Jura saw us blend technology with tradition to help them launch their newly rebranded range using ‘traditional’ phone boxes kitted out with a Raspberry Pi.

Dan: Fray Bentos

Why: “This one actually almost came true but wasn’t to be on that occasion. I have a genuine fondness for the product, the name, the unusual background etc. I also like the challenge of reversing the stigma and changing people’s perception of the product and I think that there would be scope to go a bit ‘crazy’ and really get the product noticed.”

What we could offer: While Macsween Haggis is more of a premium brand than Fray Bentos, our award-winning work with that brand has highlighted our ability to have fun with food. Our ‘Hamish The Haggis Farmer’ video became Macsween’s most viewed and engaged with piece of content.

Teddy: Slovakia Tourism

Why: “My wife is Slovakian, so every year we visit her family and I’ve seen how amazing the country is and how much it has to offer. Despite that, people in the UK still ask where it is (Slovakia was half of Czechoslovakia – it was never part of Yugoslavia, you’re thinking of Slovenia). Bratislava, Trnava, Kosice and more are all stunning. Get out of the cities though and the countryside is amazing too. You’ve got the Tatra mountains (popular for hiking or skiing) and also the national park, Slovenske Raj (‘Slovakian Paradise’).

All this, and it would be remiss of me not to mention that a beer comes in at about 1 Euro to 1.50 Euros…

The tourism team are already doing great work in highlighting the country but it’d be great to help them do even more.”

What we could offer: That big question of whether you’d to Slovakia for a city break, a hillwalking holiday or a ski trip…? We have experience in producing breakthrough activations to help people decide that very thing.

We developed a ‘mind reading machine’ for our clients Explore Travel, showing people which kind of holiday was really right for them. The activation achieved a lot of coverage, including being picked up by the Daily Mail.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of our psyches and that some of the examples of our work have struck a chord with you. Even if your own brand isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be our new dream clients. And if your brand is on this list… well, this blog has probably given you pretty good scope to haggle for a discount, so what are you waiting for? Drop us an email or give us a call.