Who knew Haggis love Reggae?

For Macsween Haggis, there’s nothing more important than Burns Night.

After reaching over 1 million people with last years ‘Haggiswatch’,  we applied our learnings and introduced the award-winning haggis farmer Hamish for Burns Night 2018.

Taking a news angle, we headed to ‘Chieftain Hill Farm’ for another ridiculous adventure. With exactly the same media spend, yet half the production budget of ‘Haggiswatch’, we managed to reach 1.2 million people creating 34,000 Facebook interactions on this single piece of content – a 31% increase on Haggiswatch.

These results make it by far the top piece of Macsween content of all time, and now perhaps takes the famous mantle of being the greatest piece of haggis-related social media content ever.