Senior Account Manager / Director

Teddy Craig · 17th June 2021

In a few short years, Bright Signals has become one of the fastest growing creative agencies in Scotland, while winning The Marketing Society Star Awards digital category more times than…

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Victoria McFadyen on the Special Edition programme

Bright Signals · 10th September 2019

Even in 2019, women are still under-represented at board level within the digital sector. It’s something we’re working hard to address at Bright Signals, so we were thrilled to see…

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How To Brew Ideas

Brian Tonner · 5th July 2019

How do you get your ideas? Sit back and wait for them to come to you? As a copywriter (or a creative if I worked in London) I get asked…

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Bright Signals and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Bright Signals · 5th June 2019

The official programme for the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe has just launched and we’re incredibly excited to be a part of it. As creative agency to the Fringe Society we…

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Tom Quayle says don’t hang up on the new BT logo

Tom Quayle · 23rd May 2019

Tom Quayle is Senior Designer at Bright Signals and he’s got something to say about the reaction to the new BT rebrand… *** No doubt most of you will have…

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Magners Goalden Minute Chatbot: How We Did It

Keir · 21st March 2019

How we engage a legion of football fans every matchday! Chatbots offer a unique solution to many marketing and customer service challenges, and by harnessing the power of a conversational…

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Tom’s Teamwork: How Shared Parental Leave Makes a Difference

Tom Quayle · 14th March 2019

For as long as my wife and I have known one another, we’ve known that we wanted to someday be parents together. We’ve always agreed that sharing all aspects of…

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Bright Signals: Our Dream Clients!

Teddy Craig · 25th September 2018

We have a diverse and rewarding group of clients at Bright Signals and they certainly keep our creative juices flowing. However, we know that deep down everyone has that one…

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Spotify hell! What would you put on the office playlist if nobody judged you?

Teddy Craig · 11th September 2018

At Bright Signals, we always like to ask the big questions. The ones that really matter. The ones that tell you everything you need to know about a person’s character.…

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What lights up Bright Signals?

Bright Signals · 25th July 2018

Find out what inspires our team. Every creative agency claims to be unique… and we’re no different. Wait, no, that would make us… not unique? OK, that can’t be right,…

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How we did it: The Magners #6Stringer guitar

Bright Signals · 17th July 2018

In the summer of 2015 Magners tasked us with creating an interactive exhibit for their sponsorship of Glasgow Summer Nights festival. The initial brief was pretty wide open, and the idea we…

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How we did it: Jura phone boxes

Bright Signals · 6th July 2018

A direct line to the source of Jura Whisky. Located off the west coast of Scotland, Jura has one road with three phone boxes. With limited phone reception, these phone…

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Space Day #4 Tom x Arcade Cabinet

Bright Signals · 20th February 2018

Tom talks about how his earlier game development led to building every 80’s kid’s fantasy. As I mentioned earlier, one of my longest-held passions has been video gaming, and any…

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Welcome to The Lab

Bright Signals · 8th January 2018

Hello and welcome to the Lab: the place where we talk about cool shit that’s going on at Bright Signals. As well as taking a behind the scenes look at…

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Space Day #3 Teddy x Behavioural Economics

Bright Signals · 7th January 2018

Teddy discusses Behavioural Economics – what is it and why should you care? Last week, I was having a browse for online courses that I thought would be useful for…

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Space Day #2 Tom x The Road

Bright Signals · 28th December 2017

Making tie-in games that movies deserve, Tom talks about his Space Day creation When the half-day project initiative was announced here at Bright Signals, I imagine that my reaction was fairly…

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How we did it: Rude-olph

Bright Signals · 19th December 2017

Rudolph used to be Santa’s favourite reindeer. But then he got old, flatulent and rude, so Santa had to let him go. These days Rudolph — or “Rude-olph” as he’s…

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Bright Signals · 8th December 2017

HackSpace magazine is the official magazine of the Raspberry Pi foundation. It’s for people who love to make things by hacking the world around them. Our man Grant was recently…

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Space Day #1 Fraser x QuizBear

Bright Signals · 8th December 2017

The quiz that has had our office and users around the world pushing for that perfect daily 5 out of 5 score, Fraser talks about his Space Day creation, QuizBear.…

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Bright Signals · 12th November 2017

In the summer of 2016 we were asked to make something fun for the Scottish Bar and Pub Awards. The brief was pretty open, just that it had to be something…

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How we read travellers minds

Bright Signals · 30th October 2017

Adventure travel company Explore challenged us at Bright Signals to come up with an interesting new way for customers to browse their wide range of guided adventure trips. They have…

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How We Did It: Magners Mostly Haunted

Bright Signals · 20th September 2017

We were asked to come up with an interesting way to launch Magners Dark Fruit in October, a new fruit cider which recently launched in cans. Since the launch coincided…

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End the days of shit cat names

Bright Signals · 10th August 2017

In the uncertain world of 2017 it feels like people have given up on creative pet names, instead settling for tried and tested human names, such as Fred. Or Roger.…

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