Fail Small. Win Big.

We are agile marketing pioneers. We treat everything we create as an experiment, each with a defined performance measure. We repeat the successes and learn from the failures, iterating our way to better results.

Our process is underpinned by empirical evidence and powered by our ground-breaking software, called Steffi (graph). Steffi optimises content performance in social media, helping us make the most of media budgets and increasing the chances of achieving a viral hit.

Approach Fail Small. Win Big.
Structure The Agency of the Future?


The Agency of the Future?

Our agency is structured around a simple yet powerful concept. We don’t have account managers and we don’t have “creatives”. Our content managers combine those roles: generating ideas and dealing directly with clients.

This gets us from idea to execution faster than in traditional agency structures, often responding to reactive opportunities within hours, or even minutes. And it means clients always talk to the talent, so nothing gets lost in translation.


We Actually Make Stuff.

We aren’t just dreamers, we’re doers. Bright Signals is unique among Scottish agencies in having video and audio studios, plus an electronics lab and workshop, all in-house.

Less outsourcing means more speed, more flexibility and lower cost. So more of our client’s budget ends up on-screen and on-site.

Facilities We Actually Make Stuff.
Promise Results. Guaranteed.


Results. Guaranteed.

We know our methods work. So much so that we make a promise to all new clients: we’ll either hit our KPIs or we’ll give you budget back. Because your goals should be our goals. Shared responsibility. Shared success.