1. Planning


Our strategists work across brand strategy & positioning, digital & channel strategy and content & creative strategy. We think beyond the ‘campaign’ mind-set of traditional advertising agencies to develop communications platforms that have the breadth and depth needed to support digital and social media activation 365 days a year.

Analytics and Insights.

Our analysts ensure that the decisions we make are driven by empirical data rather than subjectivity.

We have a particular specialism in real-time optimisation of social media content. We test, iterate, then amplify through precise adjustment of creative, paid spend and staged influencer outreach.

We’ve built our own software to measure and power all that, called Steffi (Graph).

Trends & Training

Every day, we monitor what’s going on in the world of digital marketing, from understanding the latest change to Facebook’s algorithm to figuring out the DNA of viral hits around the globe. Our clients rely on us to filter what matters to them and to feed that intelligence back into their business.

Every Bright Signaller takes half a day out each week, to learn new skills, play with new technologies and try stuff out.

We also offer a range of practical workshops and training, from creative thinking techniques to crisis management.


2. Producing


Video, images, words, whatever. Most of the content we create is designed for social media because we tend to find that’s the most cost effective way to reach the right audience. We have vast experience – unpinned by years of data – in understanding what content works in social and what pitfalls to avoid.

We are especially geared up to conceive and produce fast-turnaround reactive content. We have an in-house film and photography suite, as well as one of Scotland’s best-equipped music production studios.

Sometimes though a good old fashioned ad is still the right tool for the job. So we create those too; for TV, radio, print, outdoor and digital.


Our experiential projects are designed to deliver a deeper level of engagement and to generate organic content from customers.

We produce both virtual experiences (like VR and games) and physical installations (magical machines that surprise and delight). Our in-house workshop has given birth to a bunch of world firsts, from a mind reading machine, to a robot barman, to a groundbreaking camera system for amateur sports.

Trends & Training

We create online destinations for brands – including apps and websites – that attract and engage your audiences. We are proud to be pragmatic. We won’t waste your budget on features your customers won’t use.

We also help organisations innovate more quickly and effectively, by designing, building, testing and validating ‘minimum viable products’.


3. Promoting


Bright Signals has the best social media team in Scotland. How can we be so bold? Well, we won Scotland’s most coveted digital marketing award in both 2015 and 2016 for social media work. And have achieved unprecedented social media results for a bunch of brands.

We also help clients drive audiences to owned destinations (like websites and apps) through techniques like search marketing and email/CRM.


Our paid media focus and expertise is around digital and social channels. We never allocate spend on a ‘fire and forget’ campaign type basis. Instead we use our in-house software to make micro-adjustments to budgets and creative, around each individual piece of content.

We view paid and owned content optimisation as a single, integrated process. That helps us achieve levels of cost-efficiency and engagement that consistently out-perform other agencies, and we have the case studies to prove it.


We deploy sophisticated tools to identify influencers that are the right fit for your brand. But rather than shoehorn them in on the promise of payment alone, we prefer the co-creation model, where we work with them to make something great. We have genuine relationships with a network of creators around the world (what we call the ‘cool pool’).

We also understand the power of traditional media. Our projects have appeared everywhere from James Corden’s Late Late Show, to The New Yorker magazine, to BBC Radio 1.